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Tate Liverpool Transformed

An advocacy document to help Tate Liverpool communicate the vision and ambition for their Transforming Tate Liverpool capital project.

Left Bank

A place brand in the form of a digital and print magazine, website and socials. All about life on the Left Bank of the Mersey. Project Lead and Creative Director 2022-present.

City on the beach

When there’s a story worth telling people want to make it their own. Creative Director 2023.

Port Loop

A future neighbourhood, on an island, in the inner city, kickstarted with a Manifesto. Engagement, brand and placemaking lead 2017 to 2019.

Play out ’til tea

A neighbourhood event to launch a new public park, delivered by local people for local people through creative and community partners. Commissioning and project lead 2019.

Shaping Swansea

Architectural responses, technical answers and delivery know-how are not enough. Successful bids must paint a convincing picture of the future, a future that has a compelling story about people at its core. Bid writing 2021.

Affordable homes are the big challenge for building fairer and more equitable cities. This proposal sets out an alternative model of collective ownership. Research and innovation 2020 – ongoing.

Tate Liverpool: Vision 2050

A vision document to support the successful capital funding application for a more inclusive and participatory Tate Liverpool. Writing and design lead 2020.

Live well by design

Live well by design is a manifesto for change and a blueprint for delivering better neighbourhoods. Strategy, design lead and copywriting 2020 -2021.


A sustainability exemplar, regeneration brand ambassador and community asset. Strategy and Project Lead 2019.

A Future High Street bid for Plymouth

Taking creative engagement online during Covid helped us mobilise support and capture positive feedback for a successful Future High Street Bid. Strategic Narrative and Engagement 2020.

It Will Never Work

A RIBA touring exhibition and publication marking 25 years of Urban Splash. Exploring the regeneration stories behind over 40 RIBA Award-winning projects. Project Lead and Creative Director 2018.

Stirling Prize 2018

Exhibition design for the touring 2018 Stirling Prize exhibition. Exhibition design 2018.

Back to the future

Our successful bid for Milton Keynes was all about what to take from the past and how to reinvent this for the future. Bid Director 2017.

Baltic Triangle

Our grassroots manifesto described an alternative future for an area of the city no one had heard of. The projects that followed helped to make it happen. Concept, content and copywriting 2012.

Camp & Furnace

This project grew from the Baltic Manifesto – widely published, much imitated and the birthplace of many Baltic enterprises and Liverpool exports. Co-founder and Director 2012 – 2017.

Ty Coch

Putting sustainability and biodiversity principles into practice. Co-founder 2009 – present.

Buyers Club

Neighbourhood bar, restaurant and garden. Hands-on experience of local enterprise in action. Co-founder and Director 2016 – present.

Innovation ways to own and rent

Research and strategic overview of structural issues in the housing market and potential for innovation in routes to occupancy and ownership. Research and report 2019 to 2020.

ShedKM and Union North

Founder and Director of multi RIBA Award winning architectural practices ShedKM 1991 – 1998, and Union North 1998 – 2009.


Founder and principal of brand studio ShedID 1990 – 2000.